New Book Release: Coming Soon!

All things writing are definitely not going smoothly during Covid-19. For one, my laptop has been confiscated by my children. Welcome to homeschooling everyone!

Considering all that, I am VERY excited to announce that on June 15th the 4th book in The Dunnhill Mysteries is finally coming out! For now it will only be available in ebook format on Amazon, but hopefully the paperback version will follow soon. The Kindle version is ready for pre-order. Have a look!

A Dose of Deadly Intentions_eBook

Sara Eriksson is back in San Francisco to end the lease on her old apartment. This should be straightforward, but the moment she arrives, she is confronted with painful memories she’d rather not deal with. Her boyfriend David can’t be there to support her, and the handsome stranger she keeps running into isn’t helping either.

When Sara is offered a bunch of old letters inherited from her great-great-grandmother, she gratefully accepts—if anything, they are a welcome distraction. But there is more to the letters than meets the eye. Sara’s dreams return, plunging her into memories of a San Francisco she hardly recognizes: the Paris of the West, transformed overnight by a devastating earthquake.

Bit by bit, Sara’s dreams show her more of the city and her ancestors—including their secrets. Even after all these years, one of those secrets might be important enough to kill for. Sleeping has never been easy for Sara, but now? A dose of deadly intentions may ensure she never wakes up.

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