I live in Michigan with my husband and our three children. I love to travel and explore the world, whether it is hiking in desolate places with beautiful nature, or sniffing up culture in old (and newer) cities. Having young children makes all of this a bit harder to accomplish, but it’s never too early to expose them.

I enjoy practicing yoga and will occasionally (and tentatively) expose myself to new challenges, like boxing or spinning. I grew up playing tennis and doing the fair amount of skiing, which I will still do, when opportunity arises.

I love to read and write. When it comes to reading, I don’t have a particular favorite genre. It can be non-fiction or fiction, ranging from fantasy to historical and so on—it really depends on my mood. Most of the time though, I like to escape with a story that will end up making me feel happier.

As a writer, I really just likes to tell stories. So far, my published books are paranormal mysteries, but that doesn’t mean that is what I am destined to write. It’s just what I felt like writing at that time…


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