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A Dose of Deadly Intentions 

Dunnhill Mystery #4 is coming out June 15th!!! Preorder now on Amazon.

A Dose of Deadly Intentions_eBookSara Eriksson is back in San Francisco to end the lease on her old apartment. This should be straightforward, but the moment she arrives, she is confronted with painful memories she’d rather not deal with. Her boyfriend David can’t be there to support her, and the handsome stranger she keeps running into isn’t helping either.

When Sara is offered a bunch of old letters inherited from her great-great-grandmother, she gratefully accepts—if anything, they are a welcome distraction. But there is more to the letters than meets the eye. Sara’s dreams return, plunging her into memories of a San Francisco she hardly recognizes: the Paris of the West, transformed overnight by a devastating earthquake.

Bit by bit, Sara’s dreams show her more of the city and her ancestors—including their secrets. Even after all these years, one of those secrets might be important enough to kill for. Sleeping has never been easy for Sara, but now? A dose of deadly intentions may ensure she never wakes up.

The Secrets of Sinclair Lodge

This is Dunnhill Mystery #3. Sara has moved to the small mountain town DunnhillSecretsSinclair, which has turned into a snow-lover’s paradise. If only Sara loved snow as much as David, who is desperate to teach her how to ski.

On top of that, she is in need of a job and she stumbles upon a dead body. When she finds employment as a tutor of a young, motherless girl in the famed Sinclair Lodge, things go even more downhill. As she mingles with the rich, powerful and disturbing members of the Sinclair household, she becomes entangled in a web of secrets, lies and intrigue. Before long, her haunting dreams and visions return, slowly exposing a terrifying truth.


Excellent psychological thriller set in the Pacific Northwest. A well-built mystery a la Agatha Christie, with lots of clues and red herrings sprinkled throughout the novel. (5/5 stars)” – Jennifer S. Alderson (Author of The Lover’s Portrait)

This book is little more spooky than the other 2, but still maintains its playful spirit. It’s filled with twists that make it a page turner – hard to put down. Once again, however, I am left disappointed that I have to wait for the next book to find out what happens next! (5/5 stars)” -Amazon customer

The Charm of Lost Chances

charmlostchances-2This novella is the sequel to The Baby on the Back Porch. Sara Eriksson returns to Dunnhill, but things don’t work out quite the way she planned. Hoping to spend more time with David, the landlord of her cabin, she soon learns that a beautiful, new client of his has similar ideas.

Then, Sara’s dreams return, setting events in motion she can’t control, leading her to a new mystery that she may have to unravel all by herself. As she struggles to keep her wits—and her sanity—about her, she’ll have to decide which chances to take and which to let go of.


The Charm of Lost Chances by Lucia Davis Winner of the Chill with a Book Premier Readers’ Award“This book had my interest from the beginning. The story was clever and had plenty of surprises, none I saw coming.” (5 stars) – Pauline Barclay, Founder of Chill Awards


Top 10 Book of 2018It’s one of those charming stories where the characters touch you in some way. Something about them brings the reader in, and from the moment Sara found that bracelet, I knew this was the beginning of something great. I hope there are more to come. (5 stars)” -Amy Shannon- Chosen as Top 10 book 2018 on Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

The Baby on the Back Porch

The Baby on the Back Porchthebabyonthebackporch is the first story in the Dunhill Series. It’s a shorter read, more of a novelette than a novella. It’s only available right now on Amazon as an ebook.

After a personal tragedy, Sara Eriksson leaves vibrant San Francisco for a tiny, old village, hidden in the Northern Cascade Mountains. She rents a cabin from David, her new landlord. What she doesn’t know is that this cabin has been a silent witness of events long forgotten. But sometimes the past has a way of resurfacing…and Sara finds her new cabin is not so peaceful as she had thought.

Following the leads presented to her, it takes both Sara and David to uncover the truth about the past—and discover a connection they never expected.


The Baby on the Back Porch by Lucia Davis

Winner of the Chill with a Book Readers’ Award




“A short story full of mystery, danger, and surprises. As the story progresses, the author makes really good use of foreboding and dream sequences to build tension and heighten the anticipation of the reader. The characters and premise of the story are believable and relatable, and while it starts off with the appearance of a story that might be romantic, it soon develops into something far more mysterious and compelling. (5/5 stars)”  – Book Squirrel – received a Gold Acorn

I really enjoyed this short novella. Given its length, I read it in one afternoon. The paranormal sub-plot intrigued me and I had to keep reading to discover what happened next. Both Sara and David are fleshed out characters which is impressive given how short it is. (4.5/5 stars)” -N.N. Light-

I really enjoyed this book! Seriously, it was a great refresher and distraction to my other current read. The plot line enticed me from the beginning, and I read this so fast, just wanting to know what happens! I was not left disappointed, and this is amazing considering I don’t normally pick up a short story! (5/5 stars)” –ReadingMaria