Escape from Baxter’s Barn

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This is a book I read to my 8 year old :). I find many new treasures when I browse for kids’ books in the library. Escape from Baxters’ Barn is definitely one of them. It is well written, with mature language, and lots a wonderful “big” words. The story had us bothbaxtersbarn captivated till the end. It is about a group of farm animals living at Baxters’ Barn, who learn about their farmer’s plan to set fire to the barn. They try to make their escape, which can only work if they help one another. Even though insurance fraud is a concept not known to many 8 year olds, it only comes up at the end, and surprisingly enough, it was very easy to explain. One of the things that most struck me about the book was how descriptive it was; everything was described so well, it was easy to imagine the barn, the surroundings, the animals and their peril—but it was done so without trying my child’s patience or scaring him out of his wits. Thank you, Rebecca Bond, for writing this book, and providing for many nights of enjoyment and bonding.

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